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three cute and funny signs

Cute, Weird, and Funny Signs From Around the World

As Steve and I explore the world, we keep our eyes open for things that tickle our fancy or confound ...
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Nighttime view of the Chain Bridge and Pest

75 Things to Know When Visiting Budapest

Are you thinking of visiting Budapest? Go for it. This Hungarian city in Central Europe is chock full of beauty ...
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Lions at the entrance to the Votive Church in Szeged, Hungary

The Best Things To Do in Szeged, Hungary

Steve and I took a five-night trip to Szeged, Hungary, in March. One of the reasons was to visit the ...
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Hello and welcome to Wind and Whim, a website for anyone who has dreamed of leaving it all behind to explore the world or would like to travel vicariously.

We promise to tell you the truth about living the dream. You will get the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly.

Here you will find posts about our experiences as full-time travelers. We share our impressions of the places we visit, discuss what we have learned, and post practical information like our costs and the services and apps we use. We also put aside our egos to tell you about our mistakes and the dumb things we occasionally do.

Our website’s name, Wind and Whim, describes our travel philosophy. We don’t plan too far in advance because we want to be open to new possibilities, and we are a bit lazy. We go wherever the wind and our whims take us.

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