We are currently practicing social distancing in Budapest, Hungary. Here are our latest posts to help keep your wanderlust fires burning. The pandemic will end someday.

Signs pointing to various cities around the world

Is Full-Time Travel Right for You?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin It may seem strange that I am writing about full-time travel during a pandemic. But the ...
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A man looking inside his suit coat’s inner pocket

Pickpocketed In Barcelona

When you repeatedly hear that you are in the pickpocket capital of the world, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Despite the warnings, ...
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Paris’s Cemetery Montmartre

Paris’s Cemetery Montmartre

When Steve and I started traveling in 2018 the first two cities we spent a long time in were Barcelona ...
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Mural of a stoned frog amongst flowers

Latin American Street Art to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Hello, fellow street art lover! Here are some of my favorite examples of street art from the ten months Steve ...
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Mural of a close up of a big cat’s face with aqua colored eyes

European Street Art to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Do you love to turn a corner and see something unexpected? I sure do. That is why I love street ...
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An obelisk and topiary letters B and A in Buenos Aires

10 More Things to Love About Buenos Aires

In the fall of 2019, we spent eight weeks in Buenos Aires. The original plan was to spend four weeks ...
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The Arc de Triomf in Barcelona

6 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Barcelona

Boisterous and beautiful. That is Barcelona. This city in northeast Spain is a sight to behold and a privilege to ...
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A man holding an umbrella over a dog lying on a stairway

24 Delightful Dog Photos From Around the World

As full-time travelers, my husband Steve and I can’t have any pets but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy meeting ...
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A greenhouse in the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden

10 Things To Love About Buenos Aires

It was love at first sight. Within a day or two of arriving in Buenos Aires, we knew we wanted ...
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An orange and white cat lounging on stairs

20 Captivating Cats From Around the World

For those of you who don’t know us yet, my husband Steve and I are nomads. Since we don’t have a ...
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