Travel exposes us to different cultures, people, and environments. If we are open-minded and embrace these experiences, we will most likely start to see the world differently, at least in some aspects. On this page, you will find links to posts that discuss how our opinions have changed since leaving the United States.

A woman sitting on a dock looking at a lake and mountains

12 Things Full-Time Travel Has Taught Us

Eighteen months (and counting) of full-time international travel has taught us a few things. I’m happy to say that they ...
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American flag

Is The Ugly American Dead?

We’ve all heard about ugly Americans. Tourists from the U.S. who talk too loud, wear garish clothes, compare things in ...
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Steve and me with six students studying English in Strasbourg, France

Press One for English

Steve and I are pictured above with English language students in Strasbourg, France. There is nothing like foreign travel to ...
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