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Are you curious about what it’s like to travel full-time, how much it costs, or which apps and services we rely on? This page will link you to posts that answer questions just like these.

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10 Things Airbnb Hosts Can Do Better

A rental from Airbnb gives you more than a hotel room for less money. What’s not to love? Steve and ...
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Paper money from many countries

Our 2019 Latin America Travel Costs

With our second year of full-time travel under our belts, it is time for a recap. This post details our ...
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The Bottom Line: Our 2018 Full-Time Travel Costs

You may be wondering what it costs to travel the world full-time. I think you will be surprised to learn ...
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Computer and note about failure and success

Oops! Did We Do That?

Many years ago I was picking out pastries in a bakery in Paris with my older daughter Stephanie.  When the ...
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Travelers’ Little Helpers: Our Favorite Services and Apps

There are many helpful services and apps that are making travel easier and more affordable than ever. Although we aren’t ...
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Lessons From Airbnb

In this post I will share some of our Airbnb experiences and the lessons we learned from them. If you ...
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