About Us

Hi! We’re Steve and Linda

Hi, we’re the couple behind Wind and Whim. We got into travel late in life. And when I say we got into it, I mean we jumped in with both feet. A few trips a year wasn’t going to cut it, so we retired early, sold (almost) everything we owned and in 2018 set off to travel the world full-time. You can read all about that life-changing decision here.

We started Wind and Whim to share our experiences, show how achievable full-time travel can be, and encourage people to follow their dreams. We promise to tell you the truth about living the dream. You will get the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. So grab your favorite drink, sit back, and wander the world with us.

Meet Steve

One of the many complementary words that can describe Steve is steadfast. Before retiring at 60, he had a 40-year career as a sales manager.

Steve has always been handy and completed several woodworking projects, including a wet bar and an eight-foot-long bookcase (pre-Kindle days). He also saved thousands upon thousands of dollars during his and Linda’s 40 plus years of marriage thanks to his knowledge of car and home maintenance.

While Linda is the talent behind Wind and Whim, Steve is the marketer, capitalizing on his gregarious nature by handing out business cards to people he meets on his travels.

Weird facts about Steve: He once walked on a broken foot for three months before seeing the doctor, he is incapable of leaving dirty dishes in the sink, and he is allergic to lazy people.

Meet Linda

Linda thrives on change. During her adult life she has been a student twice (earning a BA in Biology and an MBA), a research lab assistant, an accountant, a stay-at home mom, a home-schooling mom, and a full-time traveler. The timing of these changes wasn’t always ideal, yet it all worked out.

Linda has been married to Steve since she was a wee babe of 22. Trust me, that was many years ago. She is also the proud mother of two adult daughters, Stephanie and Laura, and as much as she enjoyed raising them, she believes having adult children is the best.

In the past Linda was an avid seamstress, even sewing her own wedding gown, and an equally avid gardener. Since these hobbies don’t mix with full-time travel, she now gets her creativity fix with this blog.

Weird facts about Linda: As a teen, she was obsessed with the Mafia, she cannot pass a cat without saying hello to it, and she believes any problem can be solved with a spreadsheet.