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A cat lying in a shrub
A hook for dog leashes
Street art of a leopard

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three cute and funny signs

Cute, Weird, and Funny Signs From Around the World

As Steve and I explore the world, we keep our eyes open for things that tickle our fancy or confound us. Sometimes these are cute, confusing, or funny signs. Here ...
Two cats, one sitting on a bench, the other on the ground

The Cats and Dogs of 2020

I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts lately. It is so easy to blame it on the pandemic, especially since we have been on restrictions since November*. But going ...
Mural of a stoned frog amongst flowers

Latin American Street Art to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Hello, fellow street art lover! Here are some of my favorite examples of street art from the ten months Steve and I spent in Latin America in 2019. I hope ...
Mural of a close up of a big cat’s face with aqua colored eyes

European Street Art to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Do you love to turn a corner and see something unexpected? I sure do. That is why I love street art. It may be beautiful, weird, thought-provoking, or whimsical, but ...
A man holding an umbrella over a dog lying on a stairway

24 Delightful Dog Photos From Around the World

As full-time travelers, my husband Steve and I can’t have any pets but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy meeting random cats and dogs during our travels. Here are 24 ...
An orange and white cat lounging on stairs

20 Captivating Cats From Around the World

For those who don’t know us, my husband Steve and I are nomads. Since we don’t have a permanent home, we can’t have pets. Having a warm ball of fur ...